Shoe Repair Tags W/O String - 6 1/4" x 3 1/8" - 500/Box - Yellow

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Choose the Right Repair Tags and Invoices for Your Business

general alteration tags

General Alteration Tags

General alteration tags for any garment alteration service. Available with or without strings, and with printing on one or both sides.

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general repair tags

General Repair Tags

Repair tags for any garment repair service. All details are printed on one side, leaving the back blank to write instructions and notes on what work needs to be done.

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suit alteration tags

Suit Alteration Tags

Garment alteration tags with pre-printed details specific to suit alteration. Easily fill out details on the front, with room to write notes and instructions on the back.

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shoe repair tags

Shoe Repair Tags

Repair tags specific to shoe repair. Details are printed on both sides allowing you to fill the repair tags out quickly and easily.

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lay away tags

Lay-Away Tags

Lay-Away tags for keeping track of garments held on lay-away services. Lay-Away Tags have two perforations and are printed on both sides.

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General-use blank Invoices for billing customers. Easy to read with large, bold letters and sequential numbering for easy identification. Available in hardback and softback styles.

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Stay Organized with Alteration Tags and Invoices

Stay Organized with Alteration Tags and Invoices

Spend less time organizing and more time sewing with Alteration Tags and Invoices. A must-have for everyone who offers alteration and garment repair services, our repair tags, alteration tags, lay-away tags, and invoices help you keep track of customers’ orders and bill customers with ease. All tags are printed on heavy paper stock with a reinforced hole and sequential numbering on each tag. Alteration Tags are available with or without strings to attach to garment hangers, and are perforated to provide your customer with a record of the transaction. Invoices are available in softback or hardback covers.