Rivets for Bags


Secure Leather, Vinyl, and Canvas with Rivets For Bags.

Whether you need a no-sew way to attach multiple layers of material or just want to add a touch of decoration to a bag, Rivets are a great choice. These rivets for bags of all styles consist of small metal studs with a post or pronged back to hold them securely in place. They’re often used to attach elements like straps and pockets or secure layers of thick materials like leather and vinyl. Bag and handbag rivets can also be added to a project as a decorative element for a professional, high-end look. Rivets with a pronged back can be easily installed with no special tools necessary. Installing Standard Rivets or Double-Capped Rivets with a post back requires a few hand tools, available in our Rivet Tool Kits. Choose from several styles and finishes to find rivets for leather, vinyl, and other bag-making materials to find the perfect fit for your next bag project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Rivets For Bags

What are Rivets Used for in Bag Making?

Rivets are used to secure layers of material together, especially thick and heavy materials like leather or denim. In bag making, this can include securing items like straps, strap connectors, handles, and pockets, or reinforcing seams and corners. They are also commonly used as a decorative accent.


How do you Add Rivets To Leather or Fabric?

We offer two styles of rivets, which have different installation requirements. Pronged Rivets, which are intended for decorative use, can be easily installed by cutting a slit in the material, pushing the pronged end of the rivet through, and folding down the prongs. Double-capped rivets are stronger and intended to hold layers of material together. As a result, this rivet style requires a hammer and hand tools (a hole punch, anvil, and setter) to set the rivet securely into the material. Rivet Tools are included in our Rivet Tool Kits.