Purse Rings


Triangle Rings, O-Rings, Rectangle Rings, and D-Rings For Bags.

Whether you want to add an attachment point, closure, or stylish hardware accent, we’ve got the perfect bag hardware ring to complete your project. Available in up to six stylish finishes, these metal D-Rings, Triangle Rings, O-Rings, and Rectangle Rings are ideal for handbags, purses, totes, and other bag making projects. They’re excellent for creating sophisticated strap attachment points, handle anchor points, strap adjusters, or decorative accents. Mix and match multiple styles of bag and purse rings to create eye-catching attachment points, or use two d-rings together to create a strap adjuster–the possibilities are endless. Shop all bag hardware rings here to find the perfect finishing touch for your next project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bag & Purse Rings

What are D-rings used for in Bags?

In bag making, D-rings serve several purposes. Their most common use is as an attachment or anchor point for straps and handles. When used with a swivel hook, a D-Ring can serve as a place to attach a removable strap. Or, permanently secure a strap around the ring for an elegant anchor point. Two D-rings can also be used on one strap to form a strap adjuster.


How do you Attach D-rings to a Bag?

The most common method for attaching D-rings to bags is to create a fabric strap connector–a tab of fabric, webbing, or bag material that loops through the D-rings and is sewn directly to the bag. Many different techniques for sewing D-ring connectors can be used depending on your desired final look.