Toggle Cord Locks & Stops


Securely Tighten Drawstrings With Toggle Cord Locks For Outerwear and More.

Toggle cord locks keep drawstrings and elastic cords securely cinched in place. Whether you’re repairing a ski jacket, sewing some new hiking gear, or looking for a knot-free way to keep a waistband tightened, toggle cord locks are just what you’re looking for. These easy-to-use fasteners keep your drawstring cinched until tightened or released with just a push of a button. Commonly used for outerwear and sportswear, these cord tighteners are easy to use even in the cold or while in motion and keep drawstrings tightened to help keep the elements out. They’re ideal for cuffs, sleeves, hoods, waistbands, elastic shoelaces, and other drawstring closures. Choose from several styles of heavy-duty cord locks to find the right cord lock stopper to keep your drawstrings tightly closed and easily adjustable on the go.




Frequently Asked Questions About Toggle Cord Locks & Stops

What kinds of cords can be used with cord stoppers?

Toggle cord locks and stoppers can be used with any cord or drawstring, including elastic cording—just make sure that your chosen cord is the same width as or slightly smaller than the width of the cord lock's opening.


What projects are toggle cord locks used for?

Items like ski jackets, windbreakers, jogging pants, and other outdoor and sporting gear commonly feature toggle cord locks due to their ease of use despite motion or cold temperatures. The cord stoppers help keep drawstrings tightly closed on hoods, cuffs, waistbands, bags, and more.