Sew On Snaps


Sew-On Snaps For Overlapping Closures On Clothing, Bags, And More.

Lightweight and easy to use, Sew-On Snaps are the perfect closure for skirts, dresses, blouses, children’s clothing, lightweight bags, and more. These sew-on snap fasteners are rust and wash resistant, ideal for garment applications. Use these sew-on snap buttons to add a quick, easy-to-use closure to overlapping fabrics. Simply stitch around the snap’s outer loops to secure them in place, and your snap buttons are ready to use! Choose from several finishes and styles—including metal sew-on snaps and plastic clear sew-on snaps—to find the best match for your garment or bag designs. Want to stock up on snaps? Check out WAWAK’s Assorted Sew-On Snaps Tray for an assortment of snap buttons. Shop all WAWAK and Dritz Sew-On Snaps here for quality snap buttons at superb prices.




Frequently Asked Questions About Sew-On Snaps

Is there a special way to sew on snaps?

The most common way to attach a sew-on snap is to hand sew it using a whip stitch around the outer edges of the snap through its loops.


Do you need to reinforce the fabric for sew on snaps?

If you're using a lighter weight fabric, it might be a good idea to reinforce the back of your sew-on snap with a bit of interfacing to prevent the snap from pulling or tearing the fabric. For heavier-weight fabrics, reinforcement might not be necessary.


What are the advantages of sew-on snaps?

One advantage of using sew-on snaps is that they don't require any extra tools to install—they can be attached simply by hand sewing without the need for specific hand tools or a snap press.