Heavy-Duty Leather Snaps


Heavy Duty Snaps For Leather, Vinyl, Canvas And Other Bag Making Materials.

Looking to add a snap closure to heavy bag materials? Spring snaps are just what you need. Lightweight and strong with a smooth closing action, these snap buttons for leather and other heavy bag materials add a fashionable and functional accent to overlapping closures. Often used for their high-end appearance, they're a great choice for leather or vinyl bags like purses, handbags, or crossbody bags where a snap button closure is desired. Available in multiple classic finishes, these snap fasteners for canvas, leather, vinyl, fabric, and other bag making materials add a stylish touch to any bag project. Named for their enclosed "spring" design, these snaps for leather feature a consistently smooth action that's "softer" than other snap styles. Spring snaps require a snap tool or press and an appropriate die to install. Shop all spring snaps for leather and other bag making materials here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Snaps

How do you set spring snaps?

Spring snaps can be installed using a snap tool or hand press with the appropriate die attachment. We offer snap tools and spring snap die sets that can be used to set our spring snaps.


What is the difference between a spring snap and a ring snap?

Spring snaps contain a small spring mechanism inside the snap socket that creates a gentler "snap" action. They also tend to look neater on the inside of the snap closure. Spring snaps are not as strong as ring snaps, but are often chosen for their higher-end appearance on items like leather jackets or bags.