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Shop Fabric Care Products: Stain Removers, Lint Rollers, Ironing Starch, and More.

You choose only the best fabrics for your sewing projects—keep them in top condition with Fabric Care Products from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. We have everything you need to keep your projects spotless from start to finish. Remove any stains or blemishes from fabrics using Spotting Products & Cleaners, including stain removers, dry spotters, ink removers, and more. Use Sizing and Starch Sprays while ironing to give your materials an extra-crisp, professional look and prevent wrinkling. And touch up fabrics with any lint or fuzz using Lint Removal Products, including lint rollers, sweater shavers, and lint brushes. Our top-of-the-line fabric care products will keep your fabrics looking professional when you put them front and center. Browse all Fabric Care Products here to find what you need to keep your materials in like-new condition.