Bag Trim & Bag Cord


Bag Trim & Bag Cord for Bags, Handbags, Totes and More.

Looking to create a decorative and functional finish to a bag project? Look no further than Bag Cord and Bag Trim at WAWAK. For a decorative trim, try a decorative cording like Twist Cord Trims, available in several colors. To finish and reinforce seam edges, check out our selection of cords for piping including cotton, polyester, and nylon cord. Piping is created by sewing a strip of fabric around the cord, which is then sewn along an edge to reinforce and define the seam. For drawstring bags, choose drawstring cording to replace or install a new drawstring. See all styles of Cable, Piping, and Cording here to choose the perfect finish for your bags, handbags, or other projects.