Waistband Interfacing for Garments


Create Crisp, Professional Waistbands With Waistband Interfacing For Garments.

With Waistband Interfacing, you can be confident that your waistbands will stay in place. Prevent waistbands from rolling by reinforcing them with stiff interfacing specifically designed for waistbands, like our Waistband Canvas, Waistband Curtain, or Ban-Roll Waistband Interfacing. These interfacings add support and structure to the waistband area, creating a crisp edge to prevent rolling or collapsing in waistbands for pants, shorts, and skirts of all styles. Want to ensure that shirts stay tucked neatly into a waistband? The solution is Snugtex Belting, waistband interfacing that features strips of non-slip rubber on the inside of the waistband to “grip” tucked shirts in place and prevent them from coming loose. Shop all Waistband Interfacing at WAWAK to find what you need for a crisp, professional waistband in your projects.




Frequently Asked Questions About Waistband Interfacing

What interfacing is best for waistbands?

For reinforcing waistbands, you'll want to choose an interfacing that's stiff enough to prevent rolling but lightweight enough to avoid adding too much bulk. It's also helpful to find an interfacing with a narrow width like Non-Roll Waistband Interfacing or Stay Tape that's already perfectly sized for waistbands. For an extra crisp finish and smooth front on heavier garments like dress pants or trousers, Waistband Curtain provides additional support.


How do you attach waistband interfacing?

Our waistband interfacings are not fusible, so waistband curtain and interfacing can be sewn directly into a garment's waistband.