Maxi-Lock Thread


Maxi-Lock Serger Threads at WAWAK Sewing Supplies.

Maxi-Lock Serger Threads set the industry standard when it comes to serger threads. Uniquely soft with exceptionally high tensile strength, these best-selling serger threads are a favorite among industry professionals and sewing enthusiasts alike; in fact, Maxi-Lock Threads are so well-regarded by professionals that they are used by serger manufacturers to test their machines before sale. Truly the industry standard among serging threads, Maxi-Lock Threads are designed to meet the demands of an overlock machine. Their exceptionally lightweight and smooth design allows them to withstand the high speeds and tensions of an overlock machine—plus, the resulting consistency of stitches makes setting and maintaining thread tensions easy. Browse Maxi-Lock Threads to find your perfect serging thread here.