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Find the Right Snap Button Tools to Install Your Snaps.

Whether you're replacing worn-out snaps or installing them in a brand-new bag or garment, all the tools you need for the job are right here. We offer a variety of snap setting tools, including snap tools, pliers, repair kits, hand presses, die sets, and more. Snap button tools like our Pres N Snap tools and hand presses are ideal for those installing large volumes of snaps; a variety of dies are available for installing different styles and sizes of snap fasteners. Snap pliers are also a convenient option for installing lots of snaps without the hassle of hand tools. Or, keep everything you need on hand for unexpected repairs with a Snap Repair Kit, snap tool kits that include a snap setter and several styles of snap buttons. Shop these and more handy snap fastener tools and replacement snaps here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Snap Button Tools

What is a snap setting tool?

Snap setting tools are used to install snap buttons in fabric, such as those used for bag or jacket closures. Many snap tools, like the Pres N Snap Tool (PLR60), feature different die attachments that can be used to install different sizes and styles of snaps.


What types of snap tools do you offer?

We offer handheld snap tools, hand presses, die attachments for presses and snap tools, snap pliers, snap button tool kits, and more. Replacement snap buttons are also available.