Magnetic Snaps for Purses


Magnetic Snaps For Purses, Handbags, And More.

Sturdy, convenient Magnetic Snaps are a snappy addition to any bag project! Magnetic snaps for bags and purses provide a secure, no-hassle closure for items like handbags, purses, device cases, messenger bags, bag flaps, and pockets. Magnetic Snaps offer a few advantages that set them apart from other snaps and closures. First, magnetic snap closures are very easy to use, even for those who have difficulty fastening regular buttons or zippers. They also offer the option for a completely hidden closure; most styles of magnetic snaps can be sewn inside the bag’s lining and will connect through the fabric layers. Magnetic snaps are also easy to install, requiring no special tools. Choose from several styles of Magnetic Snaps for purses and bags, including Sew-on Magnetic Snaps, no-sew Magnetic Snaps, and invisible magnetic snaps. Let’s get started!




Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Snaps

What are the different types of Magnetic Snaps?

There are two main styles of Magnetic Snaps: Sew-on Magnetic Snaps and Pronged Magnetic Snaps. Both are great options for bags, differing only in how they’re installed; sew-on snaps require sewing to attach, and pronged snaps do not.


How do you attach Magnetic Snaps?

Sew-on magnetic snaps can be installed by stitching down the loops on the snap itself or sewing the snap inside a pocket, flap, or lining for a concealed bag closure. To install pronged snaps, cut one or two slits in the material (depending on your snap style) in the place you want to set the snap. Then, insert the prongs into the slits and fold them down to secure.