Bridal Buttons & Wedding Dress Buttons


Elegant Wedding Dress Buttons For Loop Closures, Detailing, And More.

When it comes to bridal tailoring and design, we know you want to get every last detail right. That’s why WAWAK’s Bridal Buttons are designed to seamlessly match bridal gowns and other high-end garments. These shank-style wedding dress buttons are covered with white or ivory fabric to flawlessly blend in with gown materials including organza, lace, silk, taffeta, and satin. For functional applications where the button will bear weight or stress—such as button-and-loop closures or bustles—metal-shank bridal buttons are the stronger option. For purely decorative buttons and detailing, lightweight canvas-shank buttons are a great choice. Shop all of WAWAK’s Bridal Buttons here to find the perfect match for your next bridal creation.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bridal Buttons

What materials are your wedding dress buttons constructed from?

Our bridal buttons are made of lightweight aluminum with a fabric covering. Fabric options include satin, silk, lace, organza, and taffeta in white and ivory.


What makes bridal buttons different from other buttons?

Bridal buttons are uniquely designed to perfectly match bridal gowns. They feature a white or ivory covering made from a variety of bridal fabrics that blends in well with bridal materials. They’re also a shank-style button, which hides the stitching used to attach the button.