Plastic Side Release Buckles


Plastic Side Release Buckles For Straps, Backpacks And More.

Plastic Side Release Buckles are just the fastener you need for backpacks, sports gear, outdoor gear and more. Often used alongside webbing to create straps and belting, these plastic clip buckles are sturdy and secure. Use Plastic Side Release Buckles to add a fastener to backpack strapping, fanny pack belts, luggage straps, hiking gear, device cases, and more. To attach, simply loop the strap or webbing through the end of the buckle and stitch in place. Several styles of buckles are available, including Flat Side Release Buckles for a one-handed release, Sharp’N Loc Side Release Buckles designed to prevent buildup from dirt or snow, and Contoured Side Release buckles for straps that are wider. Shop WAWAK’s buckles store to find the sturdy closure your backpack or bag project requires.




Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Side Release Buckles

What materials are used to make backpack straps?

Backpack straps are commonly made using Polypropylene or Nylon webbing, plastic buckles, adjustable strap buckles, and plastic D-rings.


What size plastic buckles should I use?

Choose a plastic buckle that is the same width as your webbing or strap for the best fit. For example, 1” wide webbing would require a 1” wide buckle.