Spiral Steel Boning


Spiral Steel Boning For Strong, Flexible Support.

For garment areas requiring both strength and flexibility in their reinforcement, Spiral Steel Boning is the ideal choice. Sometimes called spring steel boning for its coil shape, this style of boning provides the strength of steel boning with greater flexibility. Unlike flat boning, spiral boning's coiled design allows it to curve and flex in multiple directions at once. Because of this, it is often used on curved areas of a garment or areas that need to be able to move. In corsetry, Spiral Steel Boning reinforces areas like the sides of the corset to offer more freedom of movement than flat boning. Spiral Steel Boning is made of galvanized steel and features capped ends for comfort. Whether you need metal boning for corsets, shapewear, costuming, or other highly structured garments, find the right fit for your project here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Spiral Steel Boning

How do you cut spiral steel boning?

Spiral Steel Boning can be cut with steel cutters like our Boning Cutters. Rather than cutting straight across the width of the boning, cut the outside edges of one or two rings to shorten the coil more easily. Keep in mind that you will need to replace the metal end cap once the boning is cut; replacement caps can usually be installed with pliers or some hand presses. 


What is spiral boning used for?

Spiral boning is a strong, flexible metal boning used to add flexible support to items like corsets, stays, historical attire, costuming, and more. Because of its ability to bend in multiple directions, it's often used along curved seams or in areas requiring more freedom of movement in highly structured garments like corsets.