Frog Closures For Clothing


Decorative Frog Closures For Clothing, Jackets And More.

 Decorative and functional frog closures add style and utility to many garment styles. Originating from traditional Chinese clothing, these decorative fasteners serve as a stylish closure. They’re ideal for closures where the edges meet but don’t overlap; the button knot on one side slips into the loop on the other side to join the two meeting edges. Our braided nylon frog fasteners are an excellent choice for adding closures to tops, jackets, vests, bags, and more. To install, pin the closed fastener in your desired spot, then hand stitch it in place—the knot side of the closure should be on the wearer’s right side. Shop frog closures for jackets and other clothing here to find the decorative fastener you’re looking for.




Frequently Asked Questions About Frog Closures

What is a frog closure?

Frog closures are decorative fasteners used for jackets, vests, and other garments. They're often made of a braided cord material, feature ornamental knotted designs, and function similarly to a hook and eye closure.


What materials are your frog closures made of?

Our frog closures are made of 100% nylon material.


How are frog closures attached to a garment?

To attach a frog closure, you can hand stitch it in place. First, place the closed fastener on the garment, positioning the button knot on the wearer's right and side the loop on their left. Once you've found the desired position, open the fastener and pin each side in its respective place. Hand stitch the frog closure to secure, taking care to leave the loops unstitched, and the closure is ready to use.