Purse Locks


Handbags & Purses Stay Securely Closed With Purse Locks.

Add a secure closure to your bag, purse, or wallet with purse locks from WAWAK. Each sturdy, easy-to-install purse lock clasps tightly for a sophisticated, reliable closure for any bag making project. Handbag locks are easy to install using the included prongs and/or screws; only a few basic tools like a seam ripper and small screwdriver are required for installation. Once installed, you’ll have an easy-to-use bag lock that helps keep your bag securely closed. Choose from several styles of locks, including bar locks, flip locks, and turn locks for purses and handbags. Need a lock that matches the rest of your hardware? Handbag locks are available in up to six sleek and classic finishes including Antique Brass, Nickel, Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, and Rainbow.




Frequently Asked Questions About Handbag & Purse Locks

What Styles of Handbag Locks Do You Offer?

At WAWAK, we offer bag flip locks, bar locks, and turn locks for purses and handbags in up to six finishes. Choose from Antique Brass, Nickel, Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, and Rainbow purse locks.


What are Handbag Locks Used For?

Using a purse or handbag lock on a bag closure helps ensure the bag stays securely closed, allowing the user to easily lock and unlock the bag opening as desired. They also contribute to a sophisticated, high-end look for handbags and purses.