Double-Sided Basting Tapes for Sewing


Double-Sided Basting Tapes for Sewing Bags, Handbags, Purses and More.

If you’re looking for a pin-free basting solution, WAWAK has just what you need. Double-Sided Basting Tapes for sewing are super-strong double-sided adhesive tapes used for holding materials together. They’re ideal for use with commonly used bag making materials like vinyl and leather that can’t be punctured by a pin without leaving behind a hole. They’re also a great choice for holding zippers in place before sewing. Using Seam Tapes is as simple as peeling off the paper backing and adhering the tape to your material.

Some Double-Sided Basting Tapes, especially those with a very aggressive adhesive, will gum up your needle if sewn through, so it’s best to place the tape slightly below the seam line or change and wipe down your needle frequently if you decide to sew through the tape. Choose from a variety of strengths and styles of Double-Sided Basting Tapes including super-strong, medium-strength, all-purpose, and wash-away tapes.