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Open Ring Snaps For Lightweight, Low-Tension Closures.

Open Ring Snaps, also known as prong snaps, are the perfect closure for lightweight garments. Lightweight with low tension, these snap buttons can be quickly done and undone with minimal effort. They have a flat appearance and low profile ideal for applications like medical garments where it’s important to ensure the buttons won’t snag. Plus, their pronged design allows the snaps to grip the fabric tightly for a secure hold. Commonly used for overlapping closures on infant clothing, medical attire, work uniforms, delicate fabrics, and lightweight garments like cardigans or pajamas, open prong ring snaps provide secure garment fastening without adding unnecessary bulk.




Frequently Asked Questions About Open Ring Snaps

What are open ring snaps used for?

Due to their light weight and low profile, Open Ring Snaps are often used for lightweight garments like medical attire, infant clothing, and garments made of delicate fabrics.


How do you install open ring snaps?

Use a snap tool or hand press with an appropriate die attachment to embed open ring snaps into fabric.