Bow Tie Hardware


Bow Tie Hardware For Pre-Tied Bow Tie Sewing And Repair.

Create elegant, easy-to-use bow ties with Bow Tie Hardware. We offer all the small components you need to make or repair pre-tied bow ties, including bow tie hooks, eyes, and slides. A bow tie requires one of each hardware type; the hooks and eyes clip together to form an easy-to-use bow tie clasp, and bow tie slides are used to make an adjustable neck strap for the perfect fit. Bow Tie hardware is great to have on hand to make quick repairs or create custom bow ties using the fabric of your choice. Available in sets or individual parts, our Bow Tie Hardware is made of durable steel coated with black zinc—shop all of them here to find all the parts your project requires.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bow Tie Hardware

What hardware do I need to make a bow tie?

In addition to the fabric and strap of your choice, pre-tied bowties require one hook, one eye, and one slide. The slide is used to make the neck strap adjustable, and the hook and eye form the tie's closure.


What is your bow tie hardware made of?

All of our bow tie hardware is made of black zinc-coated steel for durability.