Handbag Feet & Handbag Corner Protectors


Elevate Your Projects With Handbag Feet And Handbag Corner Protectors.

Handbag Feet and Handbag Corner Protectors are two small pieces of bag hardware that can elevate your handbags and purses in a big way–in the case of handbag feet, literally! Purse feet hardware are installed on the base of the bag to prevent the bag bottom from directly touching any surface the bag is placed on. They add a chic, high-end look and help protect the bag’s base from getting dirty or scuffed. Bag Corners, or Handbag Corner Protectors, are similarly used to add a sophisticated finish while providing protection and reinforcement to handbag, purse, or wallet corners. Bag Feet and Bag Corners are available in multiple finishes–shop them all at WAWAK to find the perfect finishing touch for your bag making project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Handbag Feet & Corner Protectors

How do you use handbag feet?

Handbag feet can be installed in the bottom panel of a bag to provide a stable base for a handbag or purse. To install, simply cut a small slit for each foot, push the pronged end of the foot through the slit, and unfold the prongs to secure in place.


Where should purse feet be placed?

Purse feet are typically placed on the bottom of the bag, with one foot inside each corner. Make sure the feet are evenly spaced so the bag remains balanced while resting on the feet.