Fabric Rivets


Fabric Rivets For Bags, Home Decor, and More.

Quickly and easily secure fabric layers with classic, sophisticated Rivets for a high-end finish. WAWAK fabric rivets are ideal for bag-making, crafting, home décor, and more. Use rivets to connect multiple layers of fabric or attach elements like straps and belting to a project for a finished look—no sewing or gluing required! Double-cap rivets can be installed using hand tools, and prong-ring rivets can be installed easily with no extra tools required. These sewing rivets are suitable for a variety of fabrics and materials, including fabric, vinyl, leather, and canvas. Choose from several styles and finishes of fabric rivets to find the perfect match for your fabrics and projects. Shop Rivets and Rivet Tools at WAWAK for super-fast shipping, excellent prices, and outstanding customer service.




Frequently Asked Questions About Rivets

How do you install fabric rivets?

Pronged Rivets can be easily installed without any special tools—simply cut a small slit in the fabric, push the prongs through the fabric, and fold them down to secure. Double-Cap Rivets require hand tools to install, which are included in our Double-Cap Rivet Tool Kit. To install Double-Cap Rivets, punch a hole in the fabric, place the rivet into the anvil, and then slide the post through the fabric hole. Place the rivet cap onto the rivet, then use the setting tool and a mallet to hammer the cap in place.


What projects are fabric rivets used for?

Fabric rivets are commonly used on garments that use heavier materials like jeans, denim jackets, leather shoes, and belts. They're especially common in areas that require extra reinforcement, like jean pockets, or as an embellishment.


What types of fabric rivets do you offer?

We carry two styles of fabric rivets: Prong Rivets and Double-Cap Rivets. Double-Cap Rivets are stronger and designed to hold multiple layers of fabric together. Double-Cap Rivets require hand tools to install. Prong Rivets are more suited for decorative applications and don't require any special tools to install.