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Keep Garments Flawless With a Garment Bag.

Protect garments from dust, debris, and damage using Garment Bags from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Garment Bags are available in several styles for different uses, including continuous roll poly bags, gown garment bags, and suit garment bags. Poly garment bags are lightweight, disposable bags available in bulk quantities, great for general garment use. They are ideal for transporting and returning garments to customers, especially when dealing with large volumes of orders. Gown Garment Bags are extra-long to accommodate the length of gowns and other formal wear. They're available in different materials, including muslin, non-woven, and plastic. Gown Garment Bags are an excellent choice for transporting as well as storing garments: muslin gown bags are the ideal choice for the long-term storage of a garment. Choose a Suit Garment Bag to keep suits clean during travel and free of dust, mildew, and insects while in storage. Suit bags are available in non-woven and plastic and are ideal for travel and short-term garment storage of suits, jackets, and shirts. Browse all of our available garment bags here to find the perfect solution for you or your customers.