Swivel Snaps


Easy-To-Use Swivel Snaps For Overalls, Straps, And More.

For an easy-to-use closure with a classic hardware appearance, Swivel Snaps are an excellent choice. Also known as swivel clips or swivel hooks, these clip closures are a style of fastener commonly used on detachable straps. They feature a secure hook with an easy-to-use clip that allows you to remove and attach the hook with ease. The hook also rotates freely to help prevent strap twisting. In garment sewing, swivel clips are perfect for belts, sashes, overalls, and detachable straps of all kinds; small hooks can even be used for items like bracelets. Choose from plastic or metal Swivel Snaps in a variety of sizes and styles, including swivel clips with an included D-ring. Shop all Swivel Snaps here to clip up your projects with the fastener you're looking for.




Frequently Asked Questions About Swivel Snaps

What is a swivel snap hook used for?

Swivel snap hooks (also known as swivel snaps, swivel clips, or swivel hooks) are most commonly used to make straps detachable. Use swivel snaps to create belts, overall straps, attachment points, detachable straps, bag straps, key fobs, crafts, and more.


How do you use a swivel clip?

To add a swivel clip to a strap, simply loop your strap through the clip's loop opening, fold the excess fabric over, and stitch it in place, finishing the strap with your preferred method.