Plastic Boning


Plastic Boning For Corsets, Shaping, Structure, and Support.

One of the most commonly used styles of boning today, Plastic Boning is a versatile option for your structured garment-making needs. Lightweight, flexible, and durable, Plastic Boning is used inside a casing or channel to add support, structure, and shaping to garments and other sewing projects. Ideal for strapless garments, evening wear, costumes, bras, lingerie, swimwear, or lightweight bustiers and corsets, this plastic boning for sewing provides flexible support for a wide variety of projects. It features rounded tips for comfort during wear and application, is washable, and is dry-clean-safe. Choose from a variety of widths and lengths of Plastic Boning for corsets and other structured garment projects. Shop Plastic Boning here to get started!




Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Boning

Can you sew through plastic boning?

Standard plastic boning is not intended to be sewn through directly and should be used inside a casing or channel. Rigilene boning is the only style of that can be sewn through directly.


Should I use metal or plastic boning?

The best boning for your project depends mainly on its strength and structure requirements. Plastic boning is a great option for most typical structured garments like evening gowns, strapless garments, bustiers, bodices, costuming, and lightweight fashion corsets. It's lighter weight, more flexible, and typically more comfortable to wear than metal options. Metal boning is used to create very strong, rigid garments like corsets and shapewear that need a lot of durability and structure to support being cinched very tightly over long periods of time. It offers more durability and rigidity for items like corsets, stays, shapewear, and historical garments.