Metal Purse Frames


Create The Perfect Opening With Handbag Frames & Purse Frames.

For bags with a structured top, Bag Frames are an essential bit of bag hardware. These metal purse frames consist of a shaped wire frame with end caps to protect the inside of the bag from abrasion. The frame is sewn into the bag lining to create a structured top and stable opening for handbags, purses, lunch bags, and other structured bags. Our sew-in purse and handbag frames are available in two styles: rectangular (Type B) or rectangular with 45 degree angled sides (Type A). Bags with these styles of internal bag frame commonly feature a zipper or magnetic snap closure for a wide opening that provides lots of access to the inside of the bag. Shop for handbag frames and other quality bag hardware at WAWAK for all your bag making needs.




Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Purse Frames

How do you use purse frames?

Purse and handbag frames can be sewn inside a casing or channel, often placed directly in the lining near the opening of the bag. Slide each wire frame into its channel or casing and stitch shut to conceal the wire frame.


How do you make a bag more structured?

The primary way to add structure to a bag is by stiffening its material with interfacing. Interfacings range from slightly stiff to vinyl-like in feel and are attached to bag-making fabrics to increase their thickness, weight, and stiffness for a more structured appearance. If you want to add structure specifically to a bag’s top or opening, internal purse frames can also be an excellent addition. Using a wire frame inside the bag helps maintain the rigid shape of the bag's closure when the bag is closed or open.