Grommet, Eyelet & Rivet Setting Tools


Eyelet, Grommet, And Rivet Setting Tools For Bag Making and Leather Work.

Before you install your Grommets, Rivets, or Eyelets, make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job with Grommet, Eyelet, and Rivet Tools from WAWAK. Whether you prefer to work with hand tools, pliers, or a hand press, we have the handbag making tools you need to set your hardware with ease. For grommets, we offer a variety of grommet setting tools, including grommet setters, mallets, fabric hole punches, and die sets for grommet presses. Similarly, our Eyelet Tools include hand eyelet setting tools and easy-to-use pliers. If you need to install Rivets, choose from several hand rivet setting tools. Shop all Grommet, Rivet, and Eyelet Tools at WAWAK to find what you need to install the hardware of your choice.




Frequently Asked Questions About Grommet, Eyelet & Rivet Setting Tools

Do you need a special tool to install grommets?

To install Grommets, you’ll need grommet hand tools, a pair of Grommet Pliers, or a grommet die for your hand press. It’s best to use tools specifically designed for grommets when installing them for ease of installation and the best results.


How do you make a hole in fabrics to add a rivet, eyelet, or grommet?

The easiest way to cut a clean hole in a fabric or other material is using a hole cutter. You can cut a hole by hand using a mallet and hole cutter, or opt for something a little quicker like a pair of pliers or hand press with a hole cutter attachment. If you don’t have a hole punch on hand, you can also cut the material with scissors, though this may be difficult for small items like eyelets.