Nipple Covers and Body & Bra Tapes


Perfect Garment Appearance With Bra Tape And Body Tape.

You spend a lot of time making sure your garments are flawless in their construction—ensure that they wear just as well with Bra Tapes from WAWAK. Whether your garment is strapless, backless, or sheer, these handy body tapes are just what you need to perfect any garment’s appearance. They’re especially handy for formal wear, bridal wear, swimsuits, and fashion styling. Use double-sided bra tapes to secure plunging necklines, prevent strapless tops from slipping, hold small elements like straps or shoulder pads in place, and even make quick, last-minute fixes. Shop Body Tapes here to find what you need to perfect garment appearance.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bra Tape & Body Tape

What products are best used with strapless dresses?

Bra tape (also known as body tape or fashion tape) can come in handy in a number of ways for strapless dresses. They can help prevent a garment from slipping or shifting as well as keep small accessories in place. For a smooth bust appearance that doesn't require straps, you can also try nipple covers or concealers.


If I want to make sure my bra straps stay hidden when I have thin dress straps, what should I use?

Narrow body tapes like Braza Double Sided Flash Tape or Hollywood Fashion Secrets Double Sided Fashion Tape are great options for keeping thin straps or small accessories in place.