Chicago Screws


Secure Layers With Chicago Screws For Leather And Vinyl.

When you’re working with heavy material like leather or vinyl, Chicago Screws (also known as Chicago Binding Screws) are a great option for securing layers together. These small screws can be used to attach items like straps, pockets, or belting without any sewing required. Similar to rivets, Chicago Screws hold layers of thick materials together when sewing alone doesn’t cut it. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with stitching for an extra-secure hold. Opt for Chicago Screws for leather work, bag making, and other projects using heavy materials like vinyl, canvas, or denim. Choose from a variety of finishes, including Gold, Gunmetal, Nickel, Rose Gold, Rainbow, and Antique Brass Chicago Screws.




Frequently Asked Questions About Chicago Screws

How Do You Install Chicago Screws?

To install Chicago Screws into leather or fabric, start by punching or cutting a small hole into the material. The hole should be the same width as the post on the Chicago Screw or slightly smaller. Insert the post into the hole on the right side of the material. Then, turn the fabric over and place the remaining section of the screw on top of the post end. Screw the cap in place with a small Phillips head screwdriver.


Should I Add Glue When Installing Chicago Screws?

It isn’t necessary to add glue to install a Chicago Screw, but some sewers find it helpful to add a drop of thread-locking adhesive or permanent glue to help prevent the screw from loosening over time.

Are Chicago Screws Better Than Rivets?

Both Chicago Screws and Rivets are strong, secure options for holding layers of materials together. If you’re new to working with bag hardware, Chicago Screws may be a better option as they require less specialized tools and are a bit simpler to install.