Cased / Covered Boning


Skip The Casing With Easy-To-Used Cased Boning.

Covered Boning is a quick solution to add light structure and flexible support to garments. Ideal for structured blouses, strapless tops, bustiers, dresses, swimsuits, costumes, stuffed toys, and more, this lightweight boning comes ready to use. The flexible plastic boning is covered in a cotton/polyester fabric, so there’s no need to create casings or channels. Hand or machine stitch the cased boning directly to your project without any hassle to add support. Choose from several colors and lengths of cased boning here to get started with this convenient option for working with boning.




Frequently Asked Questions About Covered Boning

How do you attach covered boning to a garment?

Because it comes already in a casing, covered boning is easy to attach—simply hand or machine stitch the boning directly to your garment, sewing along the edges of the casing.


What types of projects is cased boning used for?

Cased boning is a convenient option for projects that require light support like dresses, tops, swimsuits, stuffed toys, strapless garments, and more.