Rigilene Boning


Add Light Support To Garments And More With Rigilene Boning.

Add light support to everyday garments with lightweight, easy-to-use Rigilene Boning. One of the lightest and most flexible styles of boning available, this plastic material with a mesh-like design provides shape and support to structured blouses, swimwear, dresses, and other garments for light support. Rigilene is very convenient to use—it’s the only style of boning that can be sewn through directly. Use it in a casing or stitch along the edges of the boning to apply. It can also be flattened or shaped with a hot iron without cracking. Shop for Rigilene Boning right here to find the perfect lightweight support and structure for your sewing project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Rigilene Boning

Can you sew through Rigilene Boning?

Yes, you can! Rigilene Boning can be sewn directly to fabrics or used in a casing to attach.


What is Rigilene Boning made of?

Rigilene is made of lightweight plastic with a crisp feel and flexible mesh-like design.

What is Rigilene Boning used for?

Rigilene Boning is used to add shape and support to everyday garments like dresses, swimsuits, structured tops, costumes, and more.