Basting Tapes


Quick and Convenient Basting Tapes For Sewing.

Looking for a quicker way to hold fabrics in place before sewing? Basting Tapes might be the solution you need. Double-sided basting tapes feature a strong adhesive on both sides of the tape and is used to baste fabrics together before sewing. It's quick and easy to use and ensures that your fabrics stay right where you need them. Simply remove the backing paper and adhere the tape to the fabric, sandwiching it between two fabric layers. In apparel sewing, Basting Tape is a great option for tacking zippers, quickly basting hems, holding together heavy materials like denim, and basting fabrics like knits that tend to shift around while you sew. Choose from three styles of basting tapes for sewing: Medium-Strength Basting Tape, Super-Strong Basting Tape, and Wash Away Wonder Tape. Shop Basting Tapes at WAWAK to find the convenient basting solution you're looking for.




Frequently Asked Questions About Basting Tape

Can I sew through basting tape?

Some styles of basting tape can be sewn through. Wash-Away Wonder Tape is safe to sew directly and will not damage your needle. Other styles of basting tape (such as our Medium-Strength and Super-Strong Basting Tapes) tend to gum up your needle when sewn through, so it's a good idea to avoid sewing through these tapes if you can. If you need to sew through the tape, we recommend cleaning your needle frequently and coating it with a thread lubricant to keep it moving.


Is basting tape permanent?

Standard basting tapes like our Medium-Strength and Super-Strong Basting Tape are permanent and cannot be removed once applied. For a temporary basting tape that can be removed, try Wash Away Wonder Tape, which dissolves in water.