Fusible Web


Quickly Attach Fabrics With Fusible Bonding Web—No Sewing Required.

Looking for a quick, no-sew way to attach fabrics? Fusible Bonding Web (also known as fusible web or fusible webbing) is just what you’re looking for. Perfect for basting, minor repairs, crafting, and more, this fusible webbing permanently bonds fabrics together with just a few easy steps. Simply sandwich a strip of fusible web between two fabric layers and iron to adhere them in place! Fusible Bonding Web is a great way to help you save time on items like hems, cuffs, trims, applique, linings, and more. Choose from several weights of fusible webbing to find the best adhesive for your fabric weight.




Frequently Asked Questions About Fusible Bonding Web

What is fusible bonding web used for?

Fusible bonding web is a heat-activated adhesive used to permanently adhere two pieces of fabric together. It can be easily applied by placing the fusible web between two fabrics and ironing the fabric to melt the adhesive and bond the materials together. It's a great option for quickly securing things like hems, cuffs, facings, linings, and more.


Is fusible bonding web permanent?

Yes, fusible bonding web is intended create a permanent bond once activated.


Should I use fusible bonding web or glue?

Fusible bonding web is a great option for permanently gluing two fabric layers together. To temporarily adhere fabrics together, or to adhere fabric to another surface like wood or paper, a different type of adhesive might be more applicable. Ironing is required for Fusible Bonding Web, so liquid or spray glue might also be more applicable for heat-sensitive fabrics and materials that can't be ironed.