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Bag Making Thread For Sewing Leather, Canvas, Vinyl, and Other Bag Materials.

Whether you need a sturdy sewing thread for leather bags and luggage or a glossy thread for sewing vinyl handbags, you're sure to find the perfect Bag Thread for your projects here. Our bag-making threads are designed to create strong, durable seams on even the toughest materials without losing their flawless appearance for neat, attractive topstitching. Choose from a selection of smooth threads for sewing bag-making materials like fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, and more. Poly-wrapped poly core threads like Gutermann Mara and WAWAK Perform-X are versatile and ideal for a variety of materials, from medium-weight fabrics to denim and leather. Bonded threads, like nylon-bonded Amann Strongbond or polyester-bonded WAWAK Optipop, are particularly strong and abrasion-resistant for use on dense materials like leather and vinyl. Or, try multifilament threads like Gutermann Tera for durable seams on heavy materials. Bag-making threads are applicable for everything from luggage to purses, crossbody bags, handbags, totes, and outdoor gear. Shop all Bag Threads here to find the perfect thread to hold everything together in your next bag-making project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Making Thread

What thread can I use for sewing leather or vinyl?

Leather and vinyl sewing requires a strong, abrasion-resistant thread that's able to withstand high friction and create durable seams. Cotton threads should generally be avoided because they can be prone to fraying and breakage under such high stress. Bonded polyester or nylon threads like WAWAK Optipop or Amann Strongbond are excellent options; they're made of strong, flexible materials and feature a protective coating that strengthens the thread and prevents abrasion. Multifilament polyester threads like Gutermann Tera are also ideal, as their multifilament construction makes them highly flexible, durable, and abrasion-resistant.


What thread weight should I use for sewing leather?

Tex 60-80 threads are commonly used for topstitching leather on items like wallets, purses, and bags, but the optimal thread weight is dependent on your specific material. Choose a heavier thread weight for thicker or harder materials and a bolder topstitch appearance or a lighter thread for thinner, more flexible materials and a more subtle topstitch appearance.