Rolling Garment Racks


Portable Clothing Racks Save Space In Your Work Area.

Save valuable floor space in your sewing workroom or shop with Rolling Garment Racks from WAWAK Sewing Supplies. Rolling Garment Racks hold more garments with less space so you can save working floor space. Keep your work within reach wherever you need it with our lightweight Rolling Racks that move smoothly and effortlessly. Choose from several styles of Garment Racks, including collapsible racks and Z-racks. For those with less space, collapsible racks can be collapsed down for easy storage, and are easy to re-assemble whenever you need them. Z-Racks interlock together with their space-saving design to maximize available floor space. Replacement parts and additional extenders are also available for rolling racks of all styles, and additional shelves are available for some racks. Browse all Rolling Garment Racks here to find the perfect garment storage solution for your business.