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Professional Electric Irons & Steam Irons for Every Sewer.

If you’re ironing large amounts of fabric, you need an iron that’s up to the task. Choose a professional-grade Iron from WAWAK Sewing Supplies to increase your productivity and get professional results. Whether you’re a new sewer or an industry professional, we have the perfect iron for you. If you’re doing a lighter amount of ironing or need an iron just for small projects and touch-ups, a Standard Iron is a convenient, easy-to-use option that’s perfect to use for shorter periods. For a heavier workload, try a Gravity-Fed Iron, made for ironing for longer. A Mini-Boiler Iron produces a more potent, pressurized steam for faster ironing. They’re great for light industrial use and professional use; perfect to have in a design or alteration studio. For high-demand industrial use like large sewing workrooms, dry cleaning, or laundry services, browse our All-Steam and Lowboy Irons. These industrial irons offer the most powerful steam and efficiency and require a connection to an external steam system like a Lowboy or boiler. Shop all Professional Irons at WAWAK here to find what you need to make ironing a faster and easier process.