Bag Strap Hardware


All the Bag Strap Hardware You Need in One Place.

From crossbody straps to shoulder straps and handles, we’ve got the hardware you need to make sure your bag straps are as stylish as they are secure. WAWAK offers a variety of Bag Strap Hardware for bag straps of all kinds. Finish off strap ends with Strap End Caps for a professional finish, or try Strap Sliders to add a sophisticated slider to adjustable straps. Use Purse Strap Extenders to lengthen a purse strap while adding an elegant decorative accent. Or, use Strap Anchors and Bridge Connectors to create a secure, attractive attachment point for straps, swivel hooks, rings, and other hardware. Bag Strap Hardware is available in up to 6 popular finishes, including Antique Brass, Nickel, Gunmetal, Gold, Rose Gold, and Rainbow. Browse all of our available bag and purse strap hardware here to find the metal accent you’re looking for.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Strap Hardware

What Types Of Bag Strap Hardware do you Offer?

At WAWAK, we offer a variety of hardware for bag straps, including Strap Anchors and Strap Holders for creating attachment points, Strap End Caps for finishing strap ends, Strap Extenders to add length, and Strap Sliders for adjustable straps.


What do you need to make an adjustable bag strap?

All you need to make an adjustable bag strap is an adjustable strap slider the same width as your strap, a strong strap material like webbing, vinyl, leather, or interfaced fabric, and a sewing machine. If desired, you can also add D-rings, a Swivel Hook, or other bag strap hardware to the end of your strap to form a connection point.

How do you lengthen a bag strap?

One easy way to add length to a strap is to use a Strap Extender–a length of metal chain hardware that can be added to a bag strap for extra length and a high-end finish. Fasten one end of the extender to the bag and the other end to the strap to elongate it.