Eyelets for Bags


Reinforce Holes With Eyelets For Leather, Vinyl And Fabric.

Any hole in a bag project requires reinforcement, whether decorative or functional. For smaller holes, Eyelets are the perfect solution. These small metal rings are used to reinforce the cut edge of a fabric opening, protecting the material from friction and helping to prevent fraying, tearing, or stretching. In bag making, they’re ideal for creating drawstring features, decorative accents, attachment points for small items like keychains, and more. Choose these eyelets for leather, vinyl, canvas, and other bag-making materials. We offer a variety of gold eyelets, or choose silver eyelets to mimic the appearance of stainless steel eyelets. Standard eyelets for bags can be installed with hand tools or eyelet pliers, or opt for Eyelet Tape to easily install a row of eyelets. 




Frequently Asked Questions About Bag Eyelets

How Do You Install Eyelets?

Eyelets can be installed with hand tools using a hammer, setter, and anvil to set the eyelet. Or, you can use a pair of Eyelet Pliers to cut a hole in the fabric and set the eyelet with one tool. If you’re installing a row of eyelets, you also have the option of Eyelet Tape, a sew-in row of eyelets already set into a strip of fabric.


What Are Eyelets Used For In Bag Making?

Eyelets are used to reinforce a hole in a material, often to allow a cord or ribbon to pass through it with minimal friction. In bag making, this can include reinforcing holes for drawstrings, decorative cords, buckle prongs, or decorative embellishment.

Are Eyelets Different Than Grommets?

Yes, Eyelets are different from Grommets in two key ways: eyelets are typically smaller in diameter and consist of only one piece, whereas Grommets are larger and consist of two parts that are pressed together.