Drapery Lining Fabric


Drapery Lining Fabric For Ideal Weight, Body, and Drape.

Add fullness and weight to your drapery and curtains with Drapery Linings from WAWAK. These drapery lining fabrics are perfect for adding more insulation, light blockage, and body to heavy curtains or drapes. Reinforce drapery headers with Permatex Buckram Iron-On Drapery Stabilizer, a stiff crinoline fabric ideal for strengthening headings to attach grommets, rings, or other drapery hardware. Protect your decorative curtain fabrics from UV and add insulation with Econoline Drapery Lining. Or, try Heavy-Weight Twill to add weight and body to your drapery. No matter which lining you choose, WAWAK has the perfect lining fabric to suit your needs. Shop all Drapery Linings here to find the best fit for your next drapery project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Drapery Lining

What is drapery lining used for?

Drapery Lining is used as a backing fabric for a curtain or shade. Lining gives the curtain a fuller look, adds body to the primary fabric, and can provide additional benefits like extra light blockage and insulation.


How is drapery lining attached?

Most drapery linings can be sewn directly to your primary fabric to attach. Fusible or "Iron-On" drapery linings and tapes can be adhered using an iron.


What fabric is used for drapery lining?

A wide variety of fabrics can be used as a drapery lining. Tightly woven 100% cotton fabrics like muslin, twill, or sateen are often favored for their natural drape and insulating properties, as well as cotton blends like our Linit Econoline Drapery.