Continuous Roll Poly Garment Bags

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Protect Garments With Continuous Roll Poly Bags for Clothing.

Keep your customers' garments looking sharp all the way home with Continuous Roll Poly Garment Bags. Poly Garment Bags protect garments from the elements after you return them to the customer. They're great for general garment use and are available in bulk quantities. Choose from perforated, unperforated, and eco-friendly poly garment bags. Using an Unperforated Roll, no garment is too long: these garment bags come without perforation so you can cut the bag to your desired length. Unperforated bags are great for longer garments like dresses, gowns, and suits. For general garment use and added convenience, choose a perforated poly bag roll with pre-sized easy-tear bags. Perforated bags are easy to use and applicable for most garments. Eco-Friendly Poly Bags bring everything you love about continuous roll poly bags but are made with a biodegradable plastic film. Eco-Friendly Poly Bags are perforated for your convenience. Browse all of our Continuous Roll bags here to find just what you need to keep garments clean and protected.