Corset Busks & Boning


Create High-Quality Corsets With Steel Corset Boning and Corset Busks.

Ensure your corset and bodice projects have the durability, flexibility, and support required in a high-quality corset using Steel Corset Boning and Corset Busks. Steel Corset Boning is used to create structure and rigid support in corsets, stays, bodices, bustiers, and other highly structured garments. It's flexible enough to withstand the deep curves of tightly cinched corsets but rigid enough to provide firm support. Corset Busks are fasteners, often used on the front of the corset, that provide additional support to the area and serve as a closure. Our two-part straight busks feature loops on one part and posts on the other to form a secure post-and-loop closure. Shop from a wide variety of sizes of Steel Corset Boning and Corset Busks to find all the metal corset boning support you need for corsetry, costuming, and more.




Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Corset Boning & Corset Busks

What is a busk in a corset?

A corset busk is a rigid piece of metal or wood added to the front of the corset to add structure and a smooth shape to the abdomen area of the garment. Two-part busks, like the ones we offer, also serve as a closure that can be easily accessed by the wearer.


What type of boning is best for a corset?

Steel boning is the best option for genuine corsets and shapewear intended to cinch tightly; other materials like plastic can weaken and break when deeply bent and may not provide sufficient support for such a garment. However, if you're sewing a lightweight fashion corset that isn't intended to cinch the waist, plastic or Rigilene boning are also excellent options.

What is the difference between flat and spiral steel boning?

Flat shaping boning is more rigid and only bends in one direction at a time; spiral boning is more flexible and can bend in multiple directions. Both types of steel boning are very durable and commonly used by corset makers—flat steel is used to add support and create a smooth appearance, and spiral boning is used along curves and areas of the garment that move for more comfort and freedom of movement.