Fashion Tapes & Body Tapes


Choose WAWAK Fashion Tapes & Body Tapes For Picture-Perfect Garments.

When it’s time for your garments to shine, make sure everything is perfectly in place with Fashion Tapes from WAWAK. Featuring an adhesive that’s safe to apply to skin and most fabrics, these double-sided body tapes are perfect for positioning and securing garments. Try these garment tapes for securing plunging necklines, open-back or open-sided garments, bra straps, or any other garment areas you want to keep in place. They’re also ideal for fixing minor imperfections in a garment’s wear (like gaps between shirt buttons) or anchoring accessories like jewelry and shoulder pads. Choose from convenient strips or dispensable rolls to find the Fashion Tape you're looking for and ensure your garments look good from every angle.




Frequently Asked Questions About Fashion Tapes & Body Tapes

Is your body tape skin safe?

All of our double-sided body tapes are designed to be safe and gentle on skin.


Will fashion tape come off if you sweat?

Most body tapes have a strong adhesive that should stay in place even with sweat. For best results, it's a good idea to make sure the skin is clean, dry, and free from oils or lotions before applying body tape to get the best possible hold. If sweat or water is a concern, you can also try a body tape that's water-resistant, like Braza's Double Sided Flash Tape.