Sew On Hook and Loop Fasteners


Sew On Hook and Loop Fasteners For Garments, Bags, and More.

Want to add a convenient fastener to a garment, bag, or other sewing project? Sew-On Hook and Loop Tape is just what you're looking for. This convenient fastener consists of two fabric strips—one with small hooks, and the other with small loops—that join to fasten two fabrics together. It’s commonly used to create soft, easy-to-use closures on items like infant and children’s clothing, bag pockets, pouches, device cases, outerwear, and more. Sew-On Hook and Loop Tape is intended for use with fabrics—just stitch along the edges to attach the fastener to your material. Shop multiple colors and styles of Sew-On Hook and Loop fasteners to find the perfect match for your sewing project here.




Frequently Asked Questions About Sew On Hook & Loop Fasteners

How do you sew Hook and Loop Tape?

Sew-On Hook and Loop tape can be sewn directly to a fabric to attach. Stitch around the edges of the tape, avoiding the hooks and loops. Use a heavier needle (many sewers choose sizes 14-16) for best results, and add interfacing to the area before applying the Hook and Loop to lighter-weight fabrics.


What are the advantages of Sew-On Hook and Loop?

Hook and Loop is softer than other styles of closures, with a flat, low profile. It's also easier to use for anyone who struggles with other closures like buttons and zippers.