Plastic Cord Locks


Tighten and Secure Elastic Cords With Plastic Cord Locks.

If your bag project requires a cord or drawstring, Plastic Cord Locks are an essential item in your toolkit. Designed to securely fasten cords, drawstrings, and elastic cording, these cord stoppers ensure easy adjustments and reliable hold for a wide range of projects. Whether you're sewing or repairing backpacks, sleeping bags, drawstring bags, outdoor and sporting gear, or another project, these drawstring cord locks will securely hold your drawstring cord in place, allowing you to tighten or release it with ease. Choose from several styles of plastic cord locks and cord stoppers, including Barrel Cord Locks, Round Cord Locks, and Double Hole Cord Locks for use with two cords or one looped cord. See all our sturdy, secure cord locks here to find the perfect fit for your backpack, outdoor gear, or other bag-making project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Cord Locks

How do you attach cord locks to drawstrings?

Cord locks are very easy to install—simply press the toggle button on the cord lock, thread the drawstring through the hole(s), and release the button to secure it in place.


What are cord locks used for?

Plastic cord locks are used on drawstrings and elastic cords to allow the user to tighten and loosen the drawcord quickly and easily. They hold the cord securely in place without the need for knots, allowing you to open and close the drawstring without any hassle. You'll commonly see cord stoppers used on outdoor gear like backpacks, sleeping bags, ski jackets, and drawstring bags.