Sewing Boning & Corset Busks


Sewing Boning and Corset Busks for Gowns, Costuming, and More.

Shape and support your garments with boning for sewing from WAWAK. Boning is a long, flat piece of metal or plastic used on the inside of garments for shaping corsets, dress bodices, bathing suits, and other garments. In some cases, boning can also be used to add structure to collars, pleats, and necklines.

Metal boning is very rigid, usually used in costuming and corsets. For a little more flexibility with the strength of metal, Spiral Metal Boning is a great choice. To work with metal boning, try out Boning Tools. Plastic and Rigilene boning are more flexible and easy to use—they’re good for curves on more everyday garments like swimwear and strapless garments. Corset busks are used as a corset closure, and come as a set; one side has metal loops and the other has metal hooks. See all styles of boning to choose the perfect added structure for your garments.