Press Pads & Covers


Press Pads and Covers Help You Get the Job Done.

If you need replacement parts for your pressing machine, WAWAK Sewing Supplies has you covered. Choose from our selection of Press Pads and Covers, including grid plates, press pads and covers, head covers, and other pressing machine accessories. Press Pads and Grid Plates are used in a pressing machine to apply steam to a garment. Our Press Pads are breathable for a quick steam flow and excellent vacuum passage, with a smooth surface and thick, resilient foam material. Head covers are used on the outside of a press machine to insulate and contain heat or can be placed over the grid plate for additional protection for delicate fabrics. We also carry other press accessories, including vacuum board covers, replacement springs, and more. Browse all Press Pads and Covers here to find what you need for your pressing station.