Corded Elastic & Drawstring Elastic


Corded Elastic & Drawstring Elastic Waistbands For Sports Wear And More.

Looking for a drawstring with stretch? At WAWAK, we offer two styles of elastic cords: Corded Elastic and Drawstring Elastic Waistbands. Corded Elastic consists of a thin, stretchy cord with lots of horizontal stretch. It’s often used for drawstrings or lacing on sports gear like ski jackets, casual shoes, running jackets, sport pant cuffs, and more. Corded Elastic can also be used for beading, creating button loops, and craft applications. White and black cord elastic are available. Drawstring Elastic Waistbands (also known as Drawcord Elastic) are pre-made waistbands for drawstring pants and other garments. They can be installed inside a casing and can stretch up to double the length of the elastic. Check out Corded Elastic and Drawstring Elastic on this page to choose the right elastic cord for your project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Corded Elastic

What is Corded Elastic used for?

Elastic Cord is ideal for drawstrings and adjustable cording, especially on activewear like ski jackets, joggers, and windbreakers. It's also great for lacing with a lot of stretch, button loops, or beading and craft applications.


How do you use Drawcord Waistband Elastic?

Make two buttonholes or install two eyelets on the front of the garment. Insert the elastic into the waistband using your preferred method and pull each end of the drawcord through the buttonholes for a functional drawstring tie.