Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape


Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape For Crafts, Home Decor, And More.

Easily fasten items for crafts, home decor, and more using Hook and Loop Adhesive Tape, a convenient fastener for a wide variety of projects. These adhesive Hook and Loop fasteners consist of two fabric strips with an adhesive backing on one side and small hooks or loops on the other. The hooks and loops fasten together to join your materials together, and the adhesive backing allows you to easily attach the tape to your chosen surface with no hassle. Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape works best on smooth surfaces like plastic, vinyl, and most indoor surfaces. It's an excellent option for applications like crafting, home decor, organization, or projects involving smooth materials like plastic and vinyl. These convenient fasteners are available in a variety of sizes—shop for Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners here to find the right one for your project.




Frequently Asked Questions About Hook & Loop Adhesive Tape

What’s the difference between Sew-On and Adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners?

Adhesive Hook and Loop tape has an adhesive backing, allowing you to easily stick the tape to smooth surfaces. Sew-On Hook and Loop does not have an adhesive, so it requires sewing to attach.


How do you attach adhesive Hook and Loop Fasteners?

Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape is very simple to attach—just remove the plastic backing and gently press the tape to your desired surface.