Pellon 526 Decovil Heavy Interfacing - 36" x 16 1/2 yds. - Beige

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Choosing The Right Pellon Interfacing

Pellon Interfacing

With Pellon Interfacing, What’s On The Inside Counts.

You choose only the best fabrics for the outside of your projects—why not do the same for the inside? Make sure your work is polished and professional both inside and out with Pellon Interfacings and more. A favorite among bag makers, quilters, and garment sewers alike, Pellon Fusible Interfacings and Sew-In Interfacings are made with high-quality fibers to ensure that only the best materials go into your projects. Whether you want to reinforce fabrics with Pellon SF101 (Shape Flex), add structure and support to a bag with Pellon 525 (Decovil Light), or adhere fabrics together with Pellon Wonder Under, you’re sure to find the perfect Pellon interfacing or other product for your work.

How To Use Pellon Fusible Interfacing

How To Use Pellon Fusible Interfacing & More Helpful Tips

Whether you're new to Pellon or a loyal Pellon sewer, we've got a few handy tips to help you get the best results with Pellon products. The first thing you should know? All Pellon products are safe to sew through! Even Pellon Fusible Interfacings can safely be sewn without damaging your needle. For optimal results, try using a ballpoint needle and wipe it down with a few drops of WAWAK Thread Lubricant if it starts to gum up. When you're ready to adhere a Fusible Interfacing to your fabric, set your iron on low, and don’t move the iron back and forth. Instead, using a press cloth over your interfacing, press your iron in one spot for about 10 seconds, and then lift the iron and repeat, slightly overlapping where you last pressed until you’ve covered the entire area. Then, be sure to let the fabric cool completely to allow the adhesive to solidify. These simple steps can make a big difference!