Snap Buttons


Snap Buttons For Garments, Bags, and More.

Snaps are a lightweight, easy-to-use closure suitable for a variety of applications. Also sometimes called press studs or press snaps, Snaps are used for overlapping closures like button-front shirts, jackets, bags, and more. Because they’re so lightweight, Snaps are often used in infant and children’s clothing. Choose from a variety of Snap Styles at WAWAK Sewing Supplies, including Standard Snaps, Sew-On Snaps, Magnetic Snaps, Prong-Ring Snaps, Spring Snaps, and Snap Tape. Snaps are also available in larger quantities and assortment packs in Snap Trays. To install some snaps like Standard Snaps, Prong-Ring Snaps, and Spring Snaps, you’ll need to use a Snap Tool. Sew-on Snaps and Snap tape can be easily sewn to your fabric of choice, and most magnetic snaps can either be sewn in or easily installed. Choose from a variety of Snap styles to choose the perfect closure for your projects.